Thursday, August 28, 2008

blogging is my new cake

The day turned out to be so unbelievably boring!!! I'm work now and have nothing to do but eat and I'm trying to break that habit which is extra hard but another intern left today so that means cake...4miles down the drain. We have my step-daughter this weekend and I'm so nervous what to expect. she's a normal hyperactive 3-year-old but I still used to life without kids. i have to admit I'm adjusting it's still fun to do things on your own time as oppose to a lil person's time. This weekend is clothes shopping for T's first school year! so that will be fun...and the block party @ my mom's. Although I'm a little annoyed with my mom it should be enjoyable.

Out for now, still feeling my way here...

Good rainy morning

I wake up to the sound of the dreaded alarm whining. *argh* I hate alarms but leo needed to get up at 4a.m. for his new job but neither of us heard the alarm until 6a.m. Thank god for rainy mornings when you can sleep in. Well i was feeling very ambious then usually and decided well since its so early this is the best time for workout! We went to the trail waking distance from the complex. I've lived here for 2years and past by the trail daily. I always wanted to today will be that day. 4miles total jogging and walking our last .25mile soaked. It did feel good to get our workout out of the way now we our watching Lady in the Water from off of Cox On demade... rocks!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First and foremost...

Well I'm new to the blogger neighborhood and hope i settle in nicely and maybe even find my blogging home.