Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm feeling this...

My toffee nut knows how much I love new underground artist and turned me on to Ayo! You have to check her album out:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wedding update...

left to right: my mom, step dad , me (center), my Toffee Nut, Mom in-law-2-be

It's been awhile I know but it so hard to find the time to blog...

Wedding planning was at a little stand still because with the economic deficit we felt doing a elegant Vegas or Mexican wedding would work better with our wallets. The only stumbling block with this type of wedding was my important family member not being about to make it because of traveling cost or just don't want to fly. Weddings like this are easier when your from a small sized family. One of the reasons I love him so much is because he's close with his family and I always want to be apart of a big family. I know everyone says "it's your wedding, you do what you want" but I feel like, I'm not just marry Toffee Nut I'm marrying my Toffee Nut's family and "yes" I know it's impossible to invite every cousin, second cousin and friend of a friend. I still think certain family have to be there such as Grandma in-law-2-be, whom told us to just go down to the JOP(justice of Peace),will not get on a plane. I just can't have a wedding without her there. She help raise my Toffee Nut into the man he is today.

So the verdict is:
We are sticking to the original plan and having it locally. To cut cost we may have to look for a cheaper caterer although I love the one we already picked. We haven't signed the contracted for them yet so we are square there.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

“Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall”

Check out the launch of my design blog!

this made me crack up!!

i remember goldie being the same way before hubby-2-be resticted her from the bed. She still hasn't forgave me....

Monday, November 24, 2008

ooo this looks simple


I know if i want to take this on with all my other pending DIY projects, but they make this look sooo easy and fun!

What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Flying Away

Tattoo ideas for my 30th!

10 days away...

After pulling myself away from my addict of reading design, fashion, and wedding blogs I'm finally writing my thoughts. It was time I need to wrote my daily ramblings. Well the big 30 is coming on the 30th of this month and I'm more than elated to celebrate in VEGAS BABY. The character are my mom, step dad, love of my life, and yours truly! We will be staying at South Point Hotel 5miles off the of strip I digging the size of room interior decor rated #7 on trip advisor although most reviews had pros and cons which makes me a lil nervous. But it's VEGAS so we gonna have great time just cause. Now each year I do something different with my appearance or just experience something new. Last years b-day my boo and I drove to Fort Lauderdale for a 3 day cruise to Nassau, Bahamas and I started my loc journey which are now 80% locked presently. The year before was a new restaurant and shopped till I dropped at the outlets I was lil depressed that year. Although I have already been to Vegas I have never traveled with my family and this so new to me...only thing missing is I really wanted my mom-law-2be to come but she can't make it cause of her new job but we still trying to talk her into coming.

I need a new appearance change too maybe a new tat or a simple hair color change or both. I really want more visible tats it just picking a feminine spot. Speaking of spots we found the coolest sports bar just around the corner with music I can rise my shoulders, sway, whine, booty shake, and salsa too. A perfect eclectic, grown and sexy mix! plus its free and to food is all of

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sad Face

Sad Face
Originally uploaded by Chrstopher
I figured out how many great bloggers I'm following find great photos and fit in time to credit and link to flickr galleries!!! It was one click and know I'm feel like a more confident blogger. This sad face photo was my first flickr blog post but I didn't give credit and I want to give credit where credit is due.


Originally uploaded by i.anton
i love this pretty flower detail makes me smile :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

i'm so selfish

i wish you wasn't mad with me i honestly didn't know you were running late. i always feel like we are on time an addition half hour. i have a very bad sense of time the only reason I'm on time for work which is a daily struggle is because i tell myself i have to be at work one hour before my actual time and I'm half hour late everyday from my fake time. so when we have to leave earlier i still manage to leave out at my fake time which manage to get me at work 5-15 mins late...if that make any sense. but i realize i need to change for you and for me. making you late i realize i am being very selfish and in considerate of your time and i know it can be stressful to be late especially for a new job.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

off weekend

Lately I have been feeling like my life is out of order like I don't have control of things that I should have control over. Every time I look up its a new month and the bill need to be paid, or the house is clean one minute then the next minute its a disaster! I sit things aside for later review and can't find it. I have moh who is missing in action no calls no emails nothing. I just not my usual cheery self like and I don't like it but not much has progress with the wedding planning nor my daily life. A day at the mall while sipping on Starbuck skinny vanilla sugar-free latte use to be my quick fix but spending money is starting to depress me. On top of everything one of our hermit crabs died this morning from my neglet!

update: a call from this guy and finding this movie on tvone made me smile!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm a righty...

...but I changed to a left brainer when the arrows popped up in the end of the video. Kool!

Digging this!

I stubble onto this new site with amazing jewelry and accessories with unique and sassy style, right up my aisle!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

wedding planning brief break...

With all the hoopla of wedding planning I have to take a brief break....awwwwwww...I kno! Well it's TT's 4th year on this earth anniversary and I have to plan something special for her day. I'm thinking a ice cream theme party since she loves ice cream so much!!


Make your own ice cream

with toppings spread

(cones, bananas, gummies, nuts, sprinkles -jimmy's for you fellow philadelphians, cookies, and whipped cream)

making paper ice cream

-construction paper




bake cupcakes

and kids games ice cream related

photos to follow

Monday, September 29, 2008

Wedding shopping cart

So many purchases I want to buy for the wedding but I have to wait until pay day until then I making my list and ...checking if i really need it or could this be diy project? hmmm...?

My centerpieces are driving me crazy I'm am pleas with the striking color contrast but is it enough?
I have thinking I want to added lighting for an intimate effect but candles are not allowed at our venue. So I thought the submerge lights my be that finishing touch i was looking for.

Wedding shopping list item(s):

1 teal and 1 white submersible lights (just for trail now, later I will purchase more if I like), more blue decorative felt , ring bearer pillow, jumping broom, cake cutter and knife set, sample flowers from the wholesaler I will be picking, pearls for my mockup table decor, Paper for practice invitation, garter, and sexy lingerie.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wedding hair I'm feeling...

I'm loving the endless possiblites for locked hair thanks to the hair gallery of!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ok, I have alot of

but not for long! Today I join the gym at my job and there are endless things to do to keep you active so my bum will look even better in these cute panties by etsy seller dear diary.

Having a blah monday...

...this made me laugh so I will share it with you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

graphic design inspiraton: clean simplicity
artist: Jacob WildschiĆødtz NR2154

I found this site from the ladies for me, for you blog

etsy craving...

this bohemian style vintage piece by esty's seller strim is right up my has it all it plus ties in my wedding colors to a T.

and loving these too...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my *new* esty buy

from seller eaker house

Second buy bridal necklace buy but this is the one!

Save me...

I wanted to have all my save-the-dates magnets out by the 10th month away mark but its been a challenge getting the last 20 addresses out of 150. Anyway, I'm so in love with how well they turned out. The one on the left is the first draft only printer 4 before Leo(groom-to-be) reminded me that I wanted to add a bow and lipstick to Mrs.Pacman. So glad he was paying attention that wedding gibberish day because I'm all over the place with the cute wedding details.

Booty bounce outta here...

In between wedding planning and blogging I work full-time late night shift only on Mondays. And thanks to my booty bounce chair dancing to Beyonce's, "Give me body" I finished transmitting finalized page in rocket speed...yaaaaaaaaaaa! Talk to y'all tomor!

Monday, September 15, 2008

blog paradise!

I was blog surfing and came across afrobella's fabolous blog...which lead me to finding hair jewerly for my big day!
check these hancrafted loc nuggets by Thailas Creations

Sunday, September 14, 2008

eureka moment!

I have designed my wedding centerpieces but could not envision them working with a circular table "banquet style" set up. Since they are DIY the price was right; Vases from Ikea $5.99 each, decorative self-adhesive felt about $2, blue water beads $1.99 from, rocks $1 from Dollar tree, and as for the flowers I plan on using flower wholesaler "wedding in a box". Then it hit me! "Family style" long stretch rectangular table displays would best show off my creations and go along with our homely elegant wedding feel, nevermind the fact I already impulse bought 15 of these vases boxing myself in to this design.

I'm also digging the symmetry and simple decor of these examples:

this takes me back...

to those old skool hip hop days. enjoy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wedding day hair ideas... photo photo

Since I've started my hair journey in December '07, I expect my locked tresses to be of great lengths right in time for our big day! I'm totally feeling these styles...what's your fav?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wedding planning update...

I'm all over the place today, my thoughts are just everywhere. Wedding planning is coming along we have 10months to go but it feels like no time....

Wedding checklist:
  • Gown

  • Shoes
  • Jewelry - on its way!

  • Tux rentals

  • Picked my attendants - 2 MOH, 2 flower girls, 2 BM

  • Invitations - I have my set design (pictured above)
  • Venue -paid in full! yaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • Photographer - contract signed, and first payment made
  • Save the dates - sent out most, 20more to go ( Where did you put those darn things??!!)

  • DJ - Having found one yet

  • Officiant - Having found one yet

  • Car rental

  • Hair - no clue

  • Centerpieces - Purchased vases, feathers, and decoration stuff but I need to delegate this

  • Reception decor

  • Flowers- Pick which wholesale site I will be using

  • Gown alterations

  • Wedding night lingerie

  • Toning up for our big day

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my first etsy!

from lyceekiss
You think I would have learned my lesson after purchasing 5 pairs of shoes for my wedding before I found "the ones"...but here's my second bridal jewelry purchase but my first buy!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Speak for yourself lady...

I was watching CNN commentators at the Republic convention recap Palin's statement about the "only difference between a soccer mom and pit bull is the lip stick." I don't know what I find more appalling, the commentators pretending that that was a great moment in her speech or Palin for parting her lips to even make that statement. If anything that set women back 100s of years. In my opinion, her statement was for those older run of the mill southern male Republican voters who think women are not their equal counterparts. Those who think such a way think to understand a women with power she must be a "female dog". So maybe Palin my prefer to be view as a "female dog" as oppose to simply a powerful, strong women? If I was a soccer mom I rather she speak for herself then cause I wouldn't want to be labeled and as "female dog".

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

online window shopping

love love love! But I'm trying not buy anything unless its wedding related *sighing*

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well, I just don't what... wrong with me today??? I feel so down but I have so much to look forward to...such as the wedding, life, the meetup adventure group we joined, tt's going to school, my 30th birthday coming up, learning more, new restaurants I haven't tried out yet and much more. Maybe a list of what is bothering me in detail could help me sort through my emotional state?

Stress #1- i have been calling the photography consultant since last week with no response back and she was harassing us to sign our contract immediately which did not bother me cause i needed someone on top of things like that. But now i want to set a wheel in motion but can't check this major thing of my long list of wedding duties.

Stress free bonus- Wedding venue is paid for in full!

Stress #2 - My weight, I'm 170lbs @ 5 ft even. And even thought I look like I wear it well I don't like those numbers. I need to be 40 lbs lighter, I major to get on 10lbs but I quickly gain it back. I don't like that my body is comfortable @ 170lbs. I am very active not in a sport but i enjoy exercising and doing active activities on the weekends such as hiking, walking , laser tagging, hitting the batting cage and my wii fit. I know if i did something routine like throughout the week like was on a team i would be where i want to be. But I work such as abnormal sked and the weeks we have tt I cant workout like I would like too cause she just gets in the way. I tried working out and including her but I got kicked in the eye and that was not fun.

Stress free bonus - TT will be starting school we would be getting her every other weekend so maybe I could be on a set workout routine every week not hold back on some weeks.

Stress #3 - TT being home with her mom full time is scary. I hope she doesn't develop bad behavior habits. For daddy and I established a healthy balance in her life and im concern that we will not have as much as a influence on her with just weekend.

Stress free bonus - TT is very strong and god is on her side! No one can take away the influence of her daddy, and he is the greatest dad!

Stress #4 - #8 - The wedding coming together. Hearing ppl complain about the day and time makes feel like ppl will not show up. Should I get a wedding day -of -coordinator? Centerpieces and wedding decor...who, how and what the hell do I want to do exactly... too many choices! My two maid of honors are not as enthusiastic as I thought they would be. And my mother has just been flat out annoying...this weekend at a cookout, someone asked if she like my fiance in front of him and she commented "I tell you later" then "No, he's ok, he's fine"and although it was to be taking as a joke I didn't like it and I know it made him feel uncomfortable cause he doesn't know how she feels about him and would very much like her acceptance.

Stress free bonuses - It's too late to even think about changing our wedding date, plus it so usual that I like it more and more and It's my grandma's birthday so her memory goes on and now she will be apart of my wedding day.

God always make a way, so the wedding will come together.

I will have to delegate the centerpiece to Aunt Tammy and just trust her taste

The wedding will still be going on with or with out my maids of honor

Leo. has all my love and I really don't care what my mother thinks.

Thanks for reading. Later

Thursday, August 28, 2008

blogging is my new cake

The day turned out to be so unbelievably boring!!! I'm work now and have nothing to do but eat and I'm trying to break that habit which is extra hard but another intern left today so that means cake...4miles down the drain. We have my step-daughter this weekend and I'm so nervous what to expect. she's a normal hyperactive 3-year-old but I still used to life without kids. i have to admit I'm adjusting it's still fun to do things on your own time as oppose to a lil person's time. This weekend is clothes shopping for T's first school year! so that will be fun...and the block party @ my mom's. Although I'm a little annoyed with my mom it should be enjoyable.

Out for now, still feeling my way here...

Good rainy morning

I wake up to the sound of the dreaded alarm whining. *argh* I hate alarms but leo needed to get up at 4a.m. for his new job but neither of us heard the alarm until 6a.m. Thank god for rainy mornings when you can sleep in. Well i was feeling very ambious then usually and decided well since its so early this is the best time for workout! We went to the trail waking distance from the complex. I've lived here for 2years and past by the trail daily. I always wanted to today will be that day. 4miles total jogging and walking our last .25mile soaked. It did feel good to get our workout out of the way now we our watching Lady in the Water from off of Cox On demade... rocks!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First and foremost...

Well I'm new to the blogger neighborhood and hope i settle in nicely and maybe even find my blogging home.