Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Review of Personalized Spa Toiletry Bags

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Planning a spa day with your bridesmaids? Forget the mud bath. With these colorful personalized spa cosmetics bag favors, you and your ‘maids will feel like taking a refreshing dip in rainbow sherbet! These cheerful bags are a must-have for the modern girl’s bridal shower or bachelorette party and ...

Love this!!!

By Monday Bride from Falls Church, VA on 10/20/2009


5out of 5

Pros: Practical, Selection of Colors, Classic, Personalized, Unique, Well Made, Affordable

Best Uses: Sentimental Keepsake, Wedding Party Gifts, Theme Weddings

Describe Yourself: Bride

I gave these bags as gifts to my MOH and bridesmaids and they loved them!!...The ribbons serve no purpose other than being ultra cute but I really liked that I could coorinate our 3 wedding colors with these spa bags. It's so cute and the perfect size.


Monday, October 5, 2009

I am 27weeks and 6days...

Iron bed frame from Ikea.

Crib and changing table from Baby's R US.

Today I had my glucose screening test where I was given only a orange drink that taste like Gatorade after fasting for 12hours and had to wait another hour to have my draw blood. The doctor said everything looks good! Weight gain on tract (2lbs a week), blood pressure good and my tummy measurement right on tract. Baby is head down with arms and legs facing the left. I was thinking the baby was head up all this time so all this kicking was really head butting... And something when I lay on my left side and night I get the funniest tickles; maybe that's the baby's tiny punches...lol.

This weekend was so exciting we purchased a crib, changing table and bed for big sis. We were at work assembling furniture and decorating the entire weekend. So happy that their room is coming together. Unpacking was put on hold just temporary; I'm so ready throw everything away and start new.

Back tracking to what y'all miss during our wedding planning, here's a link to our engagement slide show. I get so touched everytime I see it.

I just got news that Leo's lil cousin baby boy was born pre-term today. The mom was due late January so that made her about 22-24 weeks. I'm so afraid for them a baby born so early will have many health issues. My prays go out to Jamal Jr. and to his parents. Lord I call on you in their time of need.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I confess...

I love this shared nursery space idea from HGTV.com

It's been 5months since my last entry and so much has happened. During the last 3months of our wedding planning we discovered we were expecting! Five months in short: pregnancy, wedding, Cancun, and moving. So bear with me dear bloggies pictures and updates soon to come...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bridesmaids gift idea!!

Share real experiences with your Maids and get them a drink on you. Most of my gift shopping is done but I love this idea of gifting a tab at and a bar or restaurant!! You can also give virgin drinks too!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

we booked our honeymoon!!!

We still have one major wedding expense but just felt that with all the sweat, pain and tears. The honeymoon directly after the wedding is a most. We are staying at the exceptional The Royal resort in Cancun Mexico....yaaaaaaa!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Retro photo of my love and I

We have been in search of a new photographer...When we first got engaged that was the first vendor we decided on. We choose Bella pictures because we thought It was the safest and most reliable photography company. How Bella works: You meet with a your assigned Photography consultant for the first meeting, they give you the impression that all their photographers are top quality and trained in wedding photography, and they have many available products such as wedding albums for easy purchase. Just $50 buck reserves your date! Well its 10months later and 3months on Sunday away from our day. We finally get a photographer that they choose based off of how well you described your style to your photography consultant and we were not happy. Blogging this process now, makes me feel like how did we see this as a good fit for us? After we saw our first choice we panicked and went into search mode. My wedding coordinator says the most people don't find there until 2months before their wedding but we really wanted this out of the way!!! So here we are searching for a new photographer that better fits our style. And I am excited to say that we may have a winner!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I wish I was here today...

Fellow blogger the hotness ask where would I rather be today...I rather be here, at the one up the the street from my apartment.

Enjoying the free wi-fi... Lost in my designs and music working at my leisure and my own pace eating a apple pastry. No deadlines and a boss over my shoulder *sighing*.

I'm shoe obsessing...

Along with my shoe obsession for the perfect pair I'm obsessing over my daughter to be shoes. With the rapid growth of her feet I have to buy closer to our wedding day. Hope these butterfly jewel ones are still available when I purchase??!!! LooooVE...

Here are more adorable shoes! What's your favorite?




Friday, February 20, 2009

My search is over

My Maid of honor look

My Bridesmaids look

I was have many problems finding the perfect brides maid dress. Well I did have one that I loved but could not find the dresses to match the one. It was a grueling process because I was shopping solely online for the best deals. The issue was was dress were going fast and it was hard to get all the girls sizes and see if the color would match the original dress from Jcrew. It was just to difficult with the distance of some of my maids and dresses disappearing the next day to get a uniform look. So finally I grab my 2 sister in laws to be/bridesmaids and we went to Jcrew and found the one! Its the very look and style I was going for and it looked so good on both of their shapes plus plenty dresses were in stock. So all we have left are their shoes and accessories.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New wedding invites designs by me!

My inspiration:

My design:

Wedding check list:

With least than 5months away we have...




Guest list

Invite choice

Dress and shoes

Head piece

MOH dresses and Bridesmaids dress

Most of save the dates are out

Things to do...

Choose and sign caterer contract - We had one chosen months ago but because of lack of contact we may be looking else where.

Get officiant

Music- Ceremony, reception, and CD favor

Decide on cake flavors and look

Purchase another flower girl dress

Leo's Men tux

Ushers and Hostesses looks

Bridal registry

Finishing our invites

My hair - I have no idea...lol

Bridal party gifts - etsy.com!
Leo's passport


My stress list...

Can't get in contact with MOH #1 for dress measurements.

My lil sis chooses at the last minute to tell me she's pregnant The perfect dress may not fit her at the time of the wedding luckily its a baby doll style giving room in the tummy and hip area.

Not having a caterer yet.

Wedding planning ask me to call her on Sunday night so we could cover much ground I haven't had a call back yet, well it's only been a day but the clock is ticking.

Music searching is so hard!


Stress relief list...

Leo's embrace and listening ear!

Tara bride-to-be listen ear!

Finding a love for designing wedding invites and having 3 including my own invites to working on. Focusing the stress on simply elegant designs are so fulfilling!

Facebook...lol...keeping up with old friend and it's many distractions

Long bubble baths

W2 has arrive...lol

Monday, February 9, 2009

long over due...

(above) My love, Father of the year and our joy!

I called him. Him who? You say...My biological father who. I was talking to little sis to catch her up on wedding duties since she's one of my bridesmaids. She'll be wearing this number. She gave me the news that she pregnant and got a little nervous cause I really wanted her in my wedding. We share the same dad but grow up not know each other as well as I would have liked. Coming up I was always hurt that our dad was more in her life than mines. Years past and I finally worked up the nerve to tell her how I felt about things and it brought us closer. Since then my sis's mom past and she was very special to me as well, she was like a second mother to me. But I knew from then on she was going need me in her life more than ever. Although I grow closer to my sis I was feeling more hurt and resentment from my dad's abandonment. Hearing that they talk on regular made me feel forgotten.
With the wedding getting closer I was more and more needing to know what was going through his head. So I final called him this Sunday during the grammy's and we talked for about an hour. It felt good to have questions answered that I didn't think I would get answered. So we only can talke it step by step from here but its a start. I just hope we can continue from this point with a relationship and not go 13 years without talking again.

Friday, January 23, 2009

i have a new bff

Six months away until our big day and I decided to hire a planner. When we started our planning process I thought we could save money if I did all the planning. I realized I needed a planner when someone would ask me how the planning was coming and felt like tearing up. As soon as I called the planner I felt a big, big, big relief!