Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm feeling this...

My toffee nut knows how much I love new underground artist and turned me on to Ayo! You have to check her album out:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wedding update...

left to right: my mom, step dad , me (center), my Toffee Nut, Mom in-law-2-be

It's been awhile I know but it so hard to find the time to blog...

Wedding planning was at a little stand still because with the economic deficit we felt doing a elegant Vegas or Mexican wedding would work better with our wallets. The only stumbling block with this type of wedding was my important family member not being about to make it because of traveling cost or just don't want to fly. Weddings like this are easier when your from a small sized family. One of the reasons I love him so much is because he's close with his family and I always want to be apart of a big family. I know everyone says "it's your wedding, you do what you want" but I feel like, I'm not just marry Toffee Nut I'm marrying my Toffee Nut's family and "yes" I know it's impossible to invite every cousin, second cousin and friend of a friend. I still think certain family have to be there such as Grandma in-law-2-be, whom told us to just go down to the JOP(justice of Peace),will not get on a plane. I just can't have a wedding without her there. She help raise my Toffee Nut into the man he is today.

So the verdict is:
We are sticking to the original plan and having it locally. To cut cost we may have to look for a cheaper caterer although I love the one we already picked. We haven't signed the contracted for them yet so we are square there.