Monday, February 9, 2009

long over due...

(above) My love, Father of the year and our joy!

I called him. Him who? You say...My biological father who. I was talking to little sis to catch her up on wedding duties since she's one of my bridesmaids. She'll be wearing this number. She gave me the news that she pregnant and got a little nervous cause I really wanted her in my wedding. We share the same dad but grow up not know each other as well as I would have liked. Coming up I was always hurt that our dad was more in her life than mines. Years past and I finally worked up the nerve to tell her how I felt about things and it brought us closer. Since then my sis's mom past and she was very special to me as well, she was like a second mother to me. But I knew from then on she was going need me in her life more than ever. Although I grow closer to my sis I was feeling more hurt and resentment from my dad's abandonment. Hearing that they talk on regular made me feel forgotten.
With the wedding getting closer I was more and more needing to know what was going through his head. So I final called him this Sunday during the grammy's and we talked for about an hour. It felt good to have questions answered that I didn't think I would get answered. So we only can talke it step by step from here but its a start. I just hope we can continue from this point with a relationship and not go 13 years without talking again.

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