Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wedding check list:

With least than 5months away we have...




Guest list

Invite choice

Dress and shoes

Head piece

MOH dresses and Bridesmaids dress

Most of save the dates are out

Things to do...

Choose and sign caterer contract - We had one chosen months ago but because of lack of contact we may be looking else where.

Get officiant

Music- Ceremony, reception, and CD favor

Decide on cake flavors and look

Purchase another flower girl dress

Leo's Men tux

Ushers and Hostesses looks

Bridal registry

Finishing our invites

My hair - I have no idea...lol

Bridal party gifts - etsy.com!
Leo's passport


My stress list...

Can't get in contact with MOH #1 for dress measurements.

My lil sis chooses at the last minute to tell me she's pregnant The perfect dress may not fit her at the time of the wedding luckily its a baby doll style giving room in the tummy and hip area.

Not having a caterer yet.

Wedding planning ask me to call her on Sunday night so we could cover much ground I haven't had a call back yet, well it's only been a day but the clock is ticking.

Music searching is so hard!


Stress relief list...

Leo's embrace and listening ear!

Tara bride-to-be listen ear!

Finding a love for designing wedding invites and having 3 including my own invites to working on. Focusing the stress on simply elegant designs are so fulfilling!

Facebook...lol...keeping up with old friend and it's many distractions

Long bubble baths

W2 has arrive...lol

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