Monday, October 5, 2009

I am 27weeks and 6days...

Iron bed frame from Ikea.

Crib and changing table from Baby's R US.

Today I had my glucose screening test where I was given only a orange drink that taste like Gatorade after fasting for 12hours and had to wait another hour to have my draw blood. The doctor said everything looks good! Weight gain on tract (2lbs a week), blood pressure good and my tummy measurement right on tract. Baby is head down with arms and legs facing the left. I was thinking the baby was head up all this time so all this kicking was really head butting... And something when I lay on my left side and night I get the funniest tickles; maybe that's the baby's tiny

This weekend was so exciting we purchased a crib, changing table and bed for big sis. We were at work assembling furniture and decorating the entire weekend. So happy that their room is coming together. Unpacking was put on hold just temporary; I'm so ready throw everything away and start new.

Back tracking to what y'all miss during our wedding planning, here's a link to our engagement slide show. I get so touched everytime I see it.

I just got news that Leo's lil cousin baby boy was born pre-term today. The mom was due late January so that made her about 22-24 weeks. I'm so afraid for them a baby born so early will have many health issues. My prays go out to Jamal Jr. and to his parents. Lord I call on you in their time of need.

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