Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 days away...

After pulling myself away from my addict of reading design, fashion, and wedding blogs I'm finally writing my thoughts. It was time I need to wrote my daily ramblings. Well the big 30 is coming on the 30th of this month and I'm more than elated to celebrate in VEGAS BABY. The character are my mom, step dad, love of my life, and yours truly! We will be staying at South Point Hotel 5miles off the of strip I digging the size of room interior decor rated #7 on trip advisor although most reviews had pros and cons which makes me a lil nervous. But it's VEGAS so we gonna have great time just cause. Now each year I do something different with my appearance or just experience something new. Last years b-day my boo and I drove to Fort Lauderdale for a 3 day cruise to Nassau, Bahamas and I started my loc journey which are now 80% locked presently. The year before was a new restaurant and shopped till I dropped at the outlets I was lil depressed that year. Although I have already been to Vegas I have never traveled with my family and this so new to me...only thing missing is I really wanted my mom-law-2be to come but she can't make it cause of her new job but we still trying to talk her into coming.

I need a new appearance change too maybe a new tat or a simple hair color change or both. I really want more visible tats it just picking a feminine spot. Speaking of spots we found the coolest sports bar just around the corner with music I can rise my shoulders, sway, whine, booty shake, and salsa too. A perfect eclectic, grown and sexy mix! plus its free and to food is all of that...lol

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learning life said...

Nice blog. I wish mom could have came too. If you cant chang your apperance maybe you should try doing something you never done before