Sunday, November 9, 2008

i'm so selfish

i wish you wasn't mad with me i honestly didn't know you were running late. i always feel like we are on time an addition half hour. i have a very bad sense of time the only reason I'm on time for work which is a daily struggle is because i tell myself i have to be at work one hour before my actual time and I'm half hour late everyday from my fake time. so when we have to leave earlier i still manage to leave out at my fake time which manage to get me at work 5-15 mins late...if that make any sense. but i realize i need to change for you and for me. making you late i realize i am being very selfish and in considerate of your time and i know it can be stressful to be late especially for a new job.

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learning life said...

Thats ok, i cant be mad at you for long, even if i wanted to I cant. We just have to work on your sense of time. W cant travel round the world for FREE if i get fired